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Tips for Bloggers is a brand new website that aims to equip every blogger with the necessary resources to bring their blogs to the next level! Complete with experts’ resources on a variety of topics, so that you are sure you are getting quality tips and advice!

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Our story

Have you ever looked on the internet and became overwhelmed with the results? This is what happened to Elina while she was trying to find blogging resources to help her improve her travel blog. She found one course after the other and she was trying to find which one would be the best value for money.

So, she decided to create a new website that would list all the resources she came across so that other people can benefit from having them in a single place. In this way, it will be easier for them to compare them and choose which one will work best for them.

This is how tipsforbloggers.com was born!

Blogging Tips and Resources

Tips for Bloggers contains a wealth of advice and resources for bloggers. From writing tips to social media courses to SEO tools. Take some time to browse our catalogue of blogging resources, which includes free and paid courses, tools and software that are necessary to run a successful blog.

No matter if you run a recipe blog as a hobby and looking for free advice to improve your blogging skills or if you are a well-established online business and looking for the highest-end tool to increase your revenue, Tips for Bloggers will give you what you want, no matter your budget, niche and skill level.

Where do we find our resources?

All the resources you will find here are created by expert people in the field. Our job is to act as a library to help people find them easier in one place. We write summary articles that list different tools and craft posts to help you utilise those resources in the best way possible.

You will find articles written by our in-house experts with the steps you need to follow to start a blog and create your online presence. Every one of our guides includes detailed instructions and guidance with screenshots and diagrams to make the process easier to follow.

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What is the resource library?

The resource library is the heart of Tips for Bloggers. There you will find all the resources mentioned in a central place so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

When we say resources, we mean anything that can help you with your blog. A resource can be a course, a book (physical or digital), a tool, a plug-in, a piece of software, a blogging community and anything that provides value to bloggers.

Resources can be free, paid or available on a subscription basis. Every time that you click on one of our links and proceed to purchase a resource, we earn a small commission. This helps us to continue running this website and finding ways to improve it.

How can you access the blogging resource library?

It is very easy to get your hands on our resource library. Simply click this link.

We are constantly updating our resource library, so if you want to stay up-to-date with everything going on, subscribe to our newsletter too. We will be sending you emails with our pick of top tips and advice that we think will be beneficial to you. We will occasionally be sending you any promotional offers that will be coming on our way too so that you are up-to-date with the latest deals and releases.

How can we include your resource in our library?

If you have a course, a book, a tool or anything that you think should be included in our resource library but currently isn’t, let us know about it. To submit your resource, complete this form with the necessary details. We will then email you to let you know that your resource has been included in our library.

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